Center for Birds of Prey | Flight Demo

Admission Included

Adult: $18 | Child: $12

Savings are per person

A division of the Avian Conservation Center, the Center for Birds of Prey offers visitors a unique insight into the lives and impressive adaptations of our feathered apex predators, birds of prey. The Center houses one of the largest and most diverse collections of live birds of prey in the nation including eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, kites and vultures. Whether you’re a birder, a photographer, or simply want to spend the day outdoors, we invite you to explore the fascinating world of birds with us.

Coordinated programs that include a guided tour and flight demonstration are available at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Your ticket also includes access to the grounds for the day (10 am to 5 pm).

Highlights include:

  • Guided Tour: Enjoy a walking tour of the grounds with an experienced guide.
  • Flight Demonstration: Watch as hawks, falcons, owls, eagles, and vultures soar above; learn about their hunting and flying techniques.
  • Exhibit Area: The grounds are designed as a campus where visitors follow paths accentuated with aviaries housing nearly than 50 species of birds of prey.
  • Owl Wood: Owls are universally recognized as some of the most compelling ambassadors for the natural world. The Countess Alicia Paolozzi Owl Wood spans two acres in which visitors experience owls from around the world in a refined & tranquil setting.

Your visit provides operational support for the Center’s educational, medical, conservation, and research initiatives. We hope that your experience here will inspire an appreciation for birds of prey and a genuine concern for the diminishing habitat upon which they—and we—depend.

All proceeds from your admission go to support the Avian Conservation Center, a nonprofit 501 (c)3 organization.