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Revelry Brewing Co.

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A local favorite craft brewery with a tasting room and rooftop bar that serves innovative creations such as:

  • Poke the Bear, American Pale Ale, 5.5% ABV.
  • Gullah Cream Ale, 5%.
  • Lefty Loosey, West Coast Style IPA, 7%.
  • Backoff Warchild, Double IPA, 8.6%.
  • Lazy Lover, Belgian Blonde Ale, 6.7%
  • Never Sunny, New England IPA 6.5%
  • Dark Bier, Shwarzbier, 4.5%.
  • Hotel Rendezvous, Bavarian Wheat, 5%.
  • Covert Ops, Dunkelweiss, 5%.
  • Ginger & Jasmine, Ginjo Beer w/Sake Yeast, 4.4%
  • Funkmaster & the Furious Hops, Belgian IPA, 7%
  • and more.

Live music every Friday 6-9 PM, Saturday 4-7 PM and Sunday 3-6 PM.

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