How it Works

TourPass Includes 100% Full Admission to the top attractions. Simply show your pass for entry.

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Choose Pass Duration + Checkout

Can Choose a 1, 2, 3, 4, OR 5 day pass

  • Select your city, pass duration (how many days), add the appropriate number of people to your pass and checkout. Pass pricing is per person – start here
  • Before purchasing, you can see what featured tour times are available for your visit dates – featured tour search
  • # tours allowed: The number of featured tour reservations each person receives is determined by the number of day pass purchased. See table below.

(Charleston has 1-5-day pass options, Savannah and St. Augustine have 1-3-day pass options.)

Tour Pass Tour Selection Grid 5 days

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Instantly Receive Your Pass After Checkout

Within seconds after purchase you will receive your pass. Begin using instantly & make reservations when ready.

  • After purchase: we’ll provide easy instructions to download our free mobile app, enter your unique pass ID (instantly sent via text & email after purchase) in to the app which will link to your pass. 
  • Next, you can choose an activation date (can be today or six months from today), and can then reserve your featured tours today for the dates your pass was activated.
  • Visit our FAQ page where you can view more in depth videos.
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Begin Using Your Pass When Ready

Save time, stress and money. Activate your pass for when you’re visiting and then make reservations today for the future activation dates selected. It’s super simple!

  • Make reservations in advance of arriving: You can set the activation date in the future and begin making your reservations today for that future date. Tour Pass makes it simple to plan ahead. You can also purchase the day of touring and begin instantly….you’re in control.
  • Want to know what Featured Tour times are available before purchasing TourPass? On this page you can search the available tour times when your visiting: Featured Tour Availability Search
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It's super simple. Don't take our word for the reviews

Will I Really Save Money?

You absolutely can save a lot of money! The more you do the more you save. Click on the links below to view example itineraries.

Risk Free Guarantee

At no additional cost you’ll receive a 30-day risk-free guarantee where we’ll refund your purchase. We offer optional trip protection for a nominal fee that protects your purchase for up to 1 year from purchase. Conditions apply.