How it Works

TourPass Includes 100% Full Admission to the top attractions. Simply show your pass for entry.

Please Watch Both Videos Below

Demonstrates booking featured tours and checking into standard or walk-in attractions.

Demonstrates how the Mobile Pass works

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Decide How Many Days You Want to Tour and Checkout

After Checkout, You'll Instantly Receive Your Mobile Pass

  • Immediately after checkout you’ll receive a text and email to open your mobile pass.
  • Choose your activation date after purchase which can be today or six months from today. You can then reserve your featured tours for the dates you chose to activate your pass for.
  • View video to see the mobile pass in action. 
  • The Mobile Pass is a Progressive Web App that works in your browser. There is no need to download in the app stores.
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When Ready, Active Your Pass and Begin Making Reservations for When You're Visiting

  • Within minutes after purchase you can have all of your reservations made for the tours you’d like to take via the Mobile Pass. 
  • Want to know what Featured Tour times are available before purchasing TourPass? Click search button below to find out:
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Skip the Ticket Lines! Tour Pass is Your Ticket

  • Simply present your Mobile Pass at the ticket window to enter and pay no additional fees. 

Will I Really Save Money?

You absolutely can save a lot of money! The more you do the more you save. Click on the links below to view example itineraries.

Risk Free Guarantee

At no additional cost you’ll receive a 30-day risk-free guarantee where we’ll refund your purchase. We offer optional trip protection for a nominal fee that protects your purchase for up to 1 year from purchase. Conditions apply.