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Good introduction to Charleston

Very convenient and got us into just about everything we wanted to see. Would have been great to add the Humley tour and the Calhoun house tour on the pass but still, as a first time visitor it got us into some very interesting places including Fort Sumter and the Yorktown just to mention a few.

Great way to see Savannah!

We had a great time. This tour pass allowed us the savings and flexibility of a great trip and easy way to see and learn about Savannah.

Fantastic Value

I purchased a two day tour pass for my trip for Savannah and I would recommend it to anyone. Depending on how much you want to see and how much time you have, I would say the two-day pass is a better value than the one. Here's what I would recommend: the two day pass gives you three tours included. On the first day, use one of the tours for the Hop on Hop off trolley tour. The pass will give you admission to everything on that tour, so you can get off, see the museum or house or whatever, then get back on the trolley after each stop. Its an entire day. Then, that night take the ghost tour as your second included tour. You will see alot of Savannah at night, get all the good ghost stories performed for you by good actors, and you will get inside the Telfair at night, which is very spooky. Then, the following day take your third free tour. If you're active, you can rent e-bikes, or if you want more mellow, there's walking tours, or the steam boat ride down the Savannah River. If you do the Steam Boat, I would plan other activities in that area, shopping or dinner, because the River Walk is beautiful and there are a lot of stores, there's also the Maritime Museum and the Pirate House is close. We did a carriage ride for one of our tours and enjoyed that thoroughly. All in all, Savannah is a treasure trove of beauty and history, and the pass allows you to see it all, for one price, using your phone so the ticket is always handy. Best of all you save a ton of money. I calculated we saved $80, and we didn't even do alot of the museums. People were paying $75 per family for one tour, and we did three tours for $300, plus three museums, and that was less than half of what you could have done, but my kids didn't care about the historical homes, so we missed out. I recommend it!!

Great way to see Charleston!

My family visited Charleston along with another family. Using the tour pass allowed us to have a thorough and enjoyable experience! We chose the 3 day option and did/saw a lot of things we might not have otherwise. I highly recommend it!

Great Choice of Charleston locations and sights

Great deal on a large choice of tour options.

Good times in Charleston

We had a blast in Charleston...thanks to the tour pass we did so many more things than we would have done without it! We scored a killer deal on Groupon! It was user friendly! I highly recommend getting one if you are going to Charleston. Will look into it when I finally go to Savannah!

Great value

We purchased the 1 day pass and wished we had more time to see all there was. We will definitely purchase another next time we go

Charleston, South Carolina Tour Pass

Outstanding value, and outstanding customer service.

Fantastic Value

The Tour Pass was fabulous! Customer service was available and very helpful every time I needed them. Also there were attractions and tours on the pass that we never would have found without the pass. We saved over $150.00 with our 4 day pass. Great value...I strongly recommend purchasing the Tour Pass.

Charleston Tour Pass

Very Handy Pass

We visited Charleston in December and elected to purchase the Tour Pass for 5 days. Visiting almost all of the attractions was a breeze (only had a minor hiccup with the Tea Plantation due to poor cell service but resolved it during the trolley tour.) Highly recommend!

Great Time

The pass was everything we hoped for (and more).

Great Value and Convenient

Really loved this pass! There was so many great activities and tours to chose from. Aswell as, it made everything super convenient and effortless. I would definitely recommend.

Be sure you'll save money before buying

The best thing about the tour pass is the convenience. You don't have to deal with purchasing tickets for every single tour or attraction; you simply show up and hold out your phone. The app they provide is really top-notch. It has a thorough review of every attraction, including details like the hours/times, and the map is handy. The fact that the days can be used non-consecutively is what convinced me to buy the pass. I think this pass is great for the right person. The challenge is cramming so many things into x days so that you get your money's worth. I would seriously think over a feasible itinerary to judge if this pass will save you money.

I had the Savannah 3 day pass. I wanted to do the Bonaventure tour - wonderful, but it's 2 hours long and it would be close to an hour of driving in total. That's a big chunk of time out of the day. There are other tours as well that are about 2 hours long and are only offered at certain times. How much energy do you have for these long history tours? How much time do you have for getting there and back, fitting in meals, etc.? If the weather is hot you'll need to be really conservative in your planning. Just things to think about.

As a heads up - the Savannah featured attractions are not really attractive. A lot of the tours are run by Savannah Walks. If you do your research, you will quickly find out that, for the most part, this company has highly negative reviews for their tours. All of them. That really limited my choices because I didn't want to waste my time. The horse carriage tour has horrible reviews as well. The harbor cruise is only offered on weekends at this time of year. Ultimately, even though I paid for 4 featured attractions, the only attraction I did was the historic trolley tour (which I highly recommend). On the other hand, many of the walk in attractions are great, and are quite common on a Savannah trip itinerary. As you will see, these attractions typically cost around $10 - $20 each. Will...

Charleston Tour Pass

Savannah Tour Pass

The hop on hop off tour was very informative as was the pub crawl tour. It was nice to hear information on Savannah’s history. However, the hop on hop off tour didn’t seem the most beneficial to me, unless you were to stop and get off starting at the first stop, but we rode it through the first ten stops to hear the history, and then? I wouldn’t want to ride and listen to each description again before being able to get to another point..


Excellent customer service, easy to use, worth the money

Great value!

Easy to use!

Charleston Cruise Vacation

My sister and I enjoyed all our tours with your group. Hope to return some time to do and see more with little warmer weather.

First Visit To Charleston

Excellent guide and terrific way to see highlights of the area! Really enjoyed the tour and was well worth it -- would highly recommend!!

Charleston Tour Pass

The tour pass was everything I was hoping for, then more. My only problem was that at over 70 years of age, we tried to do more than our bodies would allow. We tried to put too much into a three day pass. But that was me. What we did accomplish was wonderful. We just left a lot on the plate.

Charleston Tour Pass

Great and personalized experience

Highly recommend the walking tours! Felt like a private history lesson and was an amazing family experience.

Lots of fun

Great value! Had a wonderful time. Tried and did things we wouldn’t have normally tried