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Easy to use

The pass was convenient and easy to use. Great!

Charleston Tour Pass review

The tour pass was very easy to use, and had a wide variety of sights to see and activities. I would definitely recommend it!

Good purchase

Provides great events and tours and adds nice structure to your day

Excellent value

Family of 4 used the pass for a variety of activities and it was worth it.

I can hardly review an item that I have yet to receive. I sent prior notice of this but received ...

I received it but have not used it yet!!!

Fun the easy way.

Great program. Scheduled events over 2 days, super easy. The folks were aware of our appointments at check in time. Made taking the tours super easy. Also it’s a great value. I would do it over in minute. Looking forward to seeing if Tour Pass is available in other cities.

Great experience

I would recommend. You get info about the area by people portraying the colorful characters of the town!

Savannah Tour Pass

Very educational!

Wonderful tour guides, very knowledgeable, very educational.

Great for first-time visitors

This was our first visit to the Charleston area and we found TourPass to be a great asset in helping us plan our activities each day. The app helped us determine which activities were in the area of the city that we happened to be in each day and allowed us to maximize our time. We enjoyed a number of activities that we would not have, had we not had the pass. And when we added up the cost of all the activities we did over the course of three days it was definitely more than the cost of the TourPass. We would highly recommend it for first time visitors to Charleston.

It just works

Visited many attractions using this pass. It was easy to order online, easy to pick up and so so easy to use. Even helped us skip the lines which was very time saving.

Tour Pass is the way to go

We have visited Charleston a couple of times and never really knew what to do. Having the tour pass helped us plan day to day where we could get the most out of our vacation. The map is great and very accurate with walking or driving. Making reservations for our featured tours was super easy. Not having to swipe our bank card every time we decided to do something was very convenient and all we had to do was show our pass, that was it. Would definitely buy again!


I enjoyed the tours I took. I mistakenly booked all my tours for one day, I was disappointed that I was unable to easily remedy that. The tour guides were phenomenal!

Charleston Tour Pass

Great value

First time going to Charleston and the tour pass was a god send!! Great options, great value!! Only down side is the donut place was closed before their said time so we couldn’t redeem our free glazed donuts. ( that sucked).


My family and I enjoyed the tours that were offered with our 2 day pass. So easy to use whether you are touring or grabbing a bite to eat. We did a lot for the price and it was worth it.

A good deal and option for variety!

This tour pass gave us a variety of options to choose from, many of which we wanted to do anyways! The two day pass was definitely plenty of time for us to do everything we wanted to. The price was affordable and the companies were accommodating. For example, the ghost tour company rescheduled us due to the extreme rain.
We really felt we got the “bang for our buck” using this plan.

Charleston trip

Easy to use. Good savings. Has a wide range of attractions to choose from.

Need for SPEED!!!

Museums and beer are all great ... but the speedboat option is a MUST. It’s almosf a bucket list To Do. We LOVED this!!!

Excellent taste

Full Schedule!

My husband and I were on our anniversary trip to charleston for a week. We bought the 5 day pass and used every but of the pass! Everything was easy and smooth. It is worth the price and adventure! Thanks so much!

Charleston Tour Pass

Charleston Tour Pass

Great value and great customer service!!

I found that the Charleston Tour Pass was a great value, very convenient, etc. I would definitely recommend it. Also the customer service was super with timely answers and assistance. Definitely recommend purchasing the Charleston Tour Pass.