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Charleston Tour Pass

Charleston Tour Pass

Charleston Tour Pass

Great value. Worked out very well.
I would highly recommend it

Charleston Tour Pass

Great to have!

This is great to have if you aren’t sure what you want to do. The website gives you everything that the pass covers so you can plan easily from that. It also gives you the ability to book tours early. So glad we did it!!

good deal

well worth it. would be better if the submarine CSS Hunley was included; but still a good deal. i recommend a 4 day pass to see everything on the fee based schedule.

Savannah Tour Pass

We purchased the one day tour pass in Savannah. It was a packed day! A lot of things to choose from. There was a little scheduling issue with the carriage ride . Ended up being double booked. We were flexible enough to wait an hour for the driver to complete her tour and come back for us. Resulted in a private tour which we liked. I do recommend the tour pass. It’s so helpful to plan the sights to see , especially on limited days in town.

Charleston Vacation

Me and my sisters toured Charleston S.C. and used the tour pass available though tour pass. We enjoyed the convenience of the pass, which showed us how to get around Charleston. The pass also showed us all the attractions within the area. I planned to go back to Charleston with my husband and we will be purchasing again other tour pass. Simply because it was so much help to me. Christine Mcnichols Thomasville, GA

great deal - good customer service

My sisters and I recently booked the 2 day Savannah Tour Pass. using the pass was easy and it saved us quite a bit on the tours we chose to do. We had one glitch with the Haunted Pubs and Taverns Tour. The tour is contracted out and we got switched w/o knowing it until it was too late to a different tour. I called Savannah Tour Pass the next morning and they took care of the issue, got us a refund for the tour so we could apply it to another Featured tour. I would not use the Haunted Pubs and Taverns tour company again, but would certainly book with Savannah Tour Pass and recommend it to others.

First Charleston Visit

This was my first time to visit Charleston. I decided to book the tour that best fit what I wanted to see and do. The tours I took were great and very informative. I wish I would have had the time to utilize the full length of the Pass. Good value for price.

Red Barn

What a great weekend. Worked out perfectly to do a Charleston tour on horse and buggy
Back to back with a boat ride tour of the bay!!!

Savannah TourPass

Loved the pass. Easy bus hop on off
Every tour in city is offered. Plus free museum entries and tours. Can’t wait to do Charleston next year.

Good value

We enjoyed not having to pull out a credit card or cash at each attraction or tour we did. We thought that it was good value for the money. Would definitly do it again on a return trip.

Charleston Tour Pass

Two day pass

Great deal if have enough time to use them all! Live the itinerary suggestions.


Been to Charleston about 30 times and this was the first time using the pass. We loved it. So simple to use and track. All the vendors we very willing and enjoyed having us. We did more than on any other trip to Charleston because of the Tour Pass. It's wonderful.


Loved our tour...lots of fun facts, stories and legends. Well worth the price!

Great time

Your pass was great for the price on off trolley the museums and house were also very interesting

Charleston SC 5 day pass passable

We bought the 5 day pass since we had never been to Charleston. Most of the featured tours were duplicate tours just by different modes of transportation. Not sure why a cat Cafe is one of the featured tours? We did get our money's worth and saved a little money too. We toured some things just to be sure to get our money's worth. I can't justify the 5 day pass. I would recommend the 3 day pass. It will let you see a lot. The speedboat tour, carriage ride tour and Fort Sumter are must do! Boone Plantation was great also.

Thanks for your feedback Jill, we appreciate it. We do have two duplicate feature tours for good reason (harbor tours and bus tours) to ensure there is sufficient availability when it's busy. If we didn't there'd be a lot of upset customers who couldn't do those tours if they were booked. For featured, we have 7 different walking tours, a harbor tour, bus tour, two different plantations, cat cafe (hey we love cats!...people love this by the way :), Fort Sumter Tour, Speedboat Adventure and a carriage over 20 'Walk-in' category tours to choose from.
Highly recommend this pass

This pass included the perfect tours of Charleston. We had access to a variety of tours and museums and it helped us organize our visits each day for 3 days.

Girls Trip!

Good value, would recommend and do again!

Worth it

I booked a 2 day tour pass for a 3 day trip (to save money was going to window shop on River St. And go to Fortsyth park on day 3). After going to the Owens-Thomas house we got free pass to Telfair museum and the jepson center for day 3! In total I saved $170 off admission prices and the attractions were soooo worth it. My wife and I are now planning on going to Charleston and booking tour pass there. It was a great deal and lots of fun

Loved it and well worth the money!

My wife and I stayed in Charleston for a summer retreat in late August this year! After looking over all of the events we wanted to check out while there, this pass paid for itself simply by taking the Charleston Speed Boat Adventures tour (which was the highlight of our entire trip). Loved it, the guide was awesome and patient and then everything else we sought out was included with the pass and saved us over $75 in entrance fees alone. Great value!!


Used the city pass for our honeymoon in Charleston! We saved so much money useing the city pass and did so many things! Our days were jam packed with things to do and there is so much on the city pass to do there is no way you can do everything!