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It was nice to have and use. Unfortunately one of the places though said open kept closing unexpectedly. Frustrating

Great Quality!

The tour pass was a great deal! We did a TON of things for a budget. Harbor Tour, Carriage Ride, Historical home tours, haunted ship tour, museums, art gallery, and plantation home! It was terrific!

Recommend Tour Pass

We used a multi-day tour pass for our November Charleston trip. It worked as specified and was very easy to schedule and use. To get your money’s worth, plan to do 1 featured tour per day and AT LEAST 1 non-featured tour - and make sure you are aware of attraction schedules (holidays / closed weeks) so you can plan your number of Pass days accordingly before you purchase the Pass. We would use this again.


This was a great way to see Charleston! We loved being able to still customize our visit and also getting ideas for things we never would have done! We had the best time and it was super easy to use on the app. We plan on purchasing the other cities offered.

Charleston Tour Pass

Great and affordable way to experience Savannah

My husband and I purchase the tour passes for Savannah. In the past, when visiting a historical city, we've felt at a loss and overwhelmed about how best to see as many things as possible. With the tour pass, we visited many attractions and historical homes and by using the pass saved a considerable amount of money. We really felt the pass was a huge benefit to helping us in trying to strategize our time and money best in order to see Savannah. Upon returning I am telling everyone that is planning a trip to Savannah about the pass and recommending highly that they purchase theirs in advance like we did.

Great value

I feel the tour pass paid for itself with all the included free and discounted food and activities that were included.

Great Pass System

This is a must if you plan on taking tours. It is was easy to use and customer service was great when I had to reschedule a tour last minute due to the guide having to self quarantine.

Perfect for a Short Trip

Overall we had a great experience using tour pass. We highly recommend it to anyone who’s coming in town for a short trip and doesn’t want the hassle of paying different fees everywhere they go.

Great tour guide

Tour guide was excellent


the service was great, but i found it difficult to use the app due to all the construction going on in Savannah

Great Value

The tour pass was so simple to use and worth every penny.

Great value

I'm from South Carolina, but hadn't seen many of the "tourist" sites in Charleston, so we bought a tour pass on our last visit to try and make it more affordable to see the things we hadn't. What a great idea! We did a carriage ride, went to Fort Sumpter and did a ghost tour, which alone would've cost more than our pass. But in addition we used the lunch voucher and went to 5 or 6 of the other sites. Really, really enjoyed the house tours. Definitely got our money's worth. Fabulous day in charleston!!

Love Charleston

We had a great time and really enjoyed the flexibility and availability of the City Tour pass. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to make the best of it, but we were glad to use what we could.


I will recommend to anyone, it really is worth, we are planning on going to Charleston again and also visiting Savannah which also offers the tour pass

I have enjoyed the city pass. I check for one when ever I go to a big city. I tell everyone about them. Thanks for the savings!

Excellent service

We were in Savannah, GA, for only 3 days, and were able to use the pass for the 4 featured events allowed. Although they were all great and informative with knowledgeable guides, we particularly enjoyed the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil walk. Our guide was wonderful. Thanks for a great experience,

Savannah and Charleston

Great experience and when call for questions they were very helpful, quick to respond and patient

Outstanding service and value

We were in Savannah and were going to go on a tour bus and do a horse and buggy ride. Found Tour Pass and it had it plus other places to visit for only a bit more. Visited the Davenport house, 8th Air Force Musuem and Nautical Musuem ( not that great) and it was good value.

Prisoners Doom Castle

The night was very dark and gloomy. The weather had a bite to it’s chill, and the jail gave a gut feeling of fear and curiosity to each person walking in the prisoners entrance to hell. It definitely made my night exciting and fun!

Convenient and Helpful

Using the tour pass helped us plan our trip and do all the things that we wanted to see. We did not need to guess if tours might be full and could purchase everything online ahead of time. When we arrived, it was like they were expecting us because our names were on the list and we were ready to enjoy. This is way better than Disney!!


This was the best way to see Savannah. We chose the two day pass. We had to choose which sites WE WANTED to see. I would have no problem recommending this app. It performed flawlessly.

Great tour service!

We thoroughly enjoyed getting this tour pass & it held up well against other tour/city passes that we've done before. The tour pass app was easy to navigate & we loved the map feature to help us find other attractions nearby. The tour pass introduced us to lots of attractions that we wouldn't have stopped for, such as the winery & the family fun center which were a bit outside of the traditional attractions but offered great fun & service. I also really liked the food 'attractions' because they were at places we probably wouldn't have learned about on our own. I would definitely recommend the tour pass & am looking forward to a future trip to Savanah, GA where I will be getting a tour pass to enjoy that city!

Worth it!

Well worth the price

Excellent value

We were able to do a lot more than we originally planned on doing. Great value.