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Good bargin

Saved about $100 per 2 tickets. Speed boat tour is very cool. The guy at the go cart place only gives one of the two promised by the pass. Ghost tour was good too.

Loved it!

Super easy to use and lots of great places to use for featured tours

We LOVE Charleston!

This was our second year in a row visiting Charleston, but the first time we came across information on the Charleston Tour Pass. It was great! We loved being able to go see all of the "free" walk-ins that were included, and had a great time on the Featured tours as well. We made good use of our pass, and would definitely recommend it if you have time to see as much as possible!


Would recommend

Lots of options

Gives so many options to do at a convenient price. So easy to use, and no problems using it.

Charleston Pass is agreat tool to have in Charleston

The Charleston Tour pass greatly enhanced our visit. We were easily able to reserve spots at the featured tours and when we arrived we just showed our ce ll phone. Could not have been easier. Also at the walk in sites it was just as easy.I highly recommend this pass, not only to save some money but to also save time at all the sites. The map feature also helped us to find our way around.

Worth it if you plan and cram things in

I had to do careful planning for the 1 day pass to make sure we got the full worth and more out of the pass. It was a full day of sites and museums. Definitely recommend Palmetto Carriage Tours, Boone Hall, and free pints at the brewery. Worth it if you have a plan ready to go.

Exploring Charleston was easy with pass

Charleston Tour Pass

Everyone was so nice

I didn’t have a smartphone with me and just had my number for the pass written on a scrap of paper. At very place we visited the staff was wonderful and welcoming.

Great pass!!

Everything about the pass went well. It was easy to use and The value was great!

Pass is a Great Deal

We purchased the 3-day pass and saved about $100 per individual. We did a number of things we wouldn't have normally done and were pleasantly surprised. The speedboat adventure tour was a big hit with my husband, and something we would have not of thought of to do on our own. We had no problem using the app. Highly recommend!

Best deal!

This was the best deal. I misunderstood how it worked and used up a day. I called the customer service number and they gave me another day so I could see one of the plantations. That’s customer service you don’t see very often. Thank you. I highly recommend this service.

Harbor Tour and Water Taxi not available year round.

We were a bit disappointed to find that water taxi and harbor tour were not running while we were there. I feel this should have been noted somewhere.We didn’t find this out until after we purchased the pass.

Hello James. Yes, the Harbor Tours and Water Taxi ceases operations in January and part of February. We do make that information available on the attraction detail pages on both the mobile pass and website. We hope that you had a great time regardless. We have quite a few other attractions available to compensate for this seasonal schedule.
Would buy again


Great Pass

I brought my girlfriend to Charleston for her birthday and I purchased the Tour Pass. She had never been to Charleston before, so we really enjoyed the trip and the Tour Pass was great. I highly encourage anyone to purchase it.

Loved the ease

Super easy to get and use. Definitely recommend this if you're planning on doing a number of the tours.

Loved the Charleston Tour Pass!!!!!

We, my wife and 2 daughters aged 12 and 16, utilized the pass to its fullest and had a great time. We stayed at the Charleston Harbor resort and began our day with breakfast at the Charleston Harbor Fish house for a wonderful breakfast with a great view of the Harbor. We were going to take the water taxi, but it does not run before 10 in the off season. Next we should have gotten a gourmet donut, but missed this feature. We walked a little bit through the Charleston market and took our featured Palmetto carriage ride. Very informative and enjoyable trek through historic Charleston. We then went on a museum spree. We started with the confederate museum, went to the powder magazine museum, the slave mart, the old exchange and provost dungeon, and then went to the Nathaniel Russell house. All the museums were very interesting. After the Old exchange we went to the pineapple fountain for a photograph. We ate a late lunch (about 2) at Poogans Porch. I had the fish sandwich that was amazing. Next we jumped in the car and took a trip to Deep Water Vinyards and the Firefly Distillery. We happened to go when they had some music which was very nice. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We could have made a quick stop to see the Angel Oak since you pass it, but we had plans to see it the next day. Next we went to Revelry Brewery Co for some free pints. They have an upstairs outside deck that is very popular. The place was booming and we got to enjoy a free band for a few hours. Next we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Butcher and Bee. The chicken was phenomenal. Nice variety of Israeli food for the kids to try. Finally, we went on the Bulldog Ghost and Graveyard walking tour. It was OK. The day was jamb packed and lots of fun. If we got the donuts and the water taxi was running, it would have cost us $148 without the pass. We got 5% off our pass so we paid $65.55 per person. Well worth it! Start early to get the most out of your pass!

Makes visiting a new city easy

Everyone was so friendly an accommodating. Most seemed familiar with how the system worked or were willing to find out. The only glitch we had was the weather. They had to cancel our harbor cruise due to high winds. Not a problem because safety IS afterall first. We could not rebook since we left for home the next day. I felt the Tour Pass was a great bargain for what we got to do.



So worth buying!

We purchased this pass and we are so glad we did. We got to see and do so many different things in Charleston. We would recommend buying it!


Will purchase again if we come back to Charleston! Was fantastic, managed to find things for us to do during Christmas week! Lots of hidden places we would have never found if we hadn't have purchased and was great with a teenager.

Charleston Tour Pass

Was fantastic, managed to find things for us to do during Christmas week! Lots of hidden places we would have never found if we hadn't have purchased and was great with a teenager.

Good buy#

We enjoyed the tour services. It was a good buy for my husband and I and we were able to schedule our tours very easily. Thank you helping us see Charleston. Job well done!

Fun times

Charleston Tour Pass

Easy to navigate

We enjoyed the Tour Pass... Very easy to navigate and see the sights...