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Charleston Tour Pass

Easy to use. Convenient with great options.


Easy to use. Well worth the money. Only 1 problem. Some of the times of when the places we were visiting were supposed to opened were wrong causing us to miss the attraction

Experiencing Savannah, GA

The Savannah tour pass was easy to use and very helpful to us in finding places in the historic district to visit. We rode a carriage, took a cruise, did the historic hop on hop off tour to reach several of the places to visit and did a walking tour. The Webb Military Museum was an amazing collection of items and we took part in the Maritime museum with the soldier speaker that took us on a "marching experience onto the battle field" of sorts. Being a Girl Scout, I enjoyed visiting Juliett Lows home place. The tour pass really helped us plan our visit and time in Savannah.

Charleston Tour Pass

Easy to use!

Our vendors were friendly and assisted us with any questions that we had. It was a quick way to access entry to the attractions. We used the 5 day pass because we spent 2 weeks in Charleston. I would recommend that Tour Pass make a note of the days that some of the tours are closed. We did run into a couple of times that the venue was closed on that day and we had no way of knowing. Enjoy your Pass!

was handy, worked as advertised.

Estimate your time and research wisely before buying

The Confederate Museum and Magnolia Cemetery Ghost Tour were outstanding. The bus tour of Charleston could've been better. There wasn't enough time spent in the heart of the historic part of the city. I wouldn't use this pass if you can't walk for long distances in a day b/c you will more than likely not be able to recoup the amount of $ spent on a one day pass.

Charleston Tour Pass

Overall, we really liked the convenience and cost savings with using the Tour Pass app. The only issue we had was using it for the bus tour. The app would not accept reservations and the bus company would not take our reservation just based on the tour pass number. The help number that I called for the tour pass was not all that helpful.


There was plenty to do on the pass we had a great time and learned a lot of history

Charleston Tour Pass

Savannah Tour Pass

We enjoyed using the Savannah Tour Pass. The only problem was we did not have data to use our iPhones in the US and not all the sites we visited had wifi available to us to check us in. This is an issue that tour pass might want to address.

Charleston SC Tour Pass

The Tour Pass was extremely helpful and useful!
Besides the savings the pass gave us!
We down loaded the Tour pass app. Had maps for directions, compete details to each place we toured.
Worth the money and savings!

Great value

Loved, loved, loved the Charleston Tour Pass. Bought the 3-day pass and did so much more than we would have done and seen without it. We had 4 premiere items - a Ghost Tour,
A carriage ride, a plantation, a history walking tour and a harbor boat tour. That paid for the tour pass right there, but we did so much more.
House tours, historic building tours and beer tastings and a wine tasting. The free section gave us ideas of where to go next and we enjoyed every place we went. Would definitely do a Tour Pass in another city.

Great pass

Many options of where to tour. Loved the variety of options. The tour pass kept me busy and made vacation fun!

Great deal!

With this tour pass we were able to do many things and some that we would not have done had we not had the tour pass. It a great price and you get to choose all the things you want yo do. Some things you needed to make reservations but that was easy to do with the link provided after purchasing the pass. I would highly recommend this more everyone.

Don’t hesitate to buy tour pass

Savannah has so much to offer and you really NEED to use the tour pass to get the most out of your time there. Great value.

Charleston your pass

Excellent app! Very easy to use and no problems with check-in at sites. Liked the map for coordinating schedule and locations.

Good value IF your plan your time well.

We scheduled the highest priced tours first which worked out well, but the value of the Tour Pass is taking advantage of the lower cost events. We had a handicapped person with us which restricted moving at a pace that let us use the places in the outlying area. If your are efficient, it is a good value. It is not a value if you're slower paced tourist.

Fun times!

Great fun will do it again.

Charleston Tour Pass

Charleston Tour Pass

Wow! What a great team they have that ensure you are taken care of. It actually is a great guide of the best tours to enjoy. Don't miss the walk ins
They make the pass a great value!

Tracy (Jacksonville Florida)

We did enjoy the pass but when we went to go rent the bikes for the day they were closed for training. It was very disappointing bc we walked from our hotel to get the bikes (2.5 miles) to then have to walk everywhere else.

Charleston Tour Pass

Charleston Tour Pass