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Great tour

Really enjoyed the entire tour and experience, they actually picked us up from our hotel.

Great time in Charleston

This was the first time that we had purchased a city pass & we loved it! We were in Charleston for a couple days & wanted to see as much as we could & with the city pass it made it so easy.

Charleston Tour Pass


We started we really only got to the Two main ones..I was totally find by that...the carriage ride was amazing

Did not go yet. Trip planned for middle of September

Charleston Tour Pass

2019 vacation

Loved the pass,made it so easy to enjoy the area

Defintely a good value, but choices are not all encompassing

All in all, the Tour Pass was a great experience. We never had an issue with be questioned or denied entry to an attraction. It was easy! Either the name was on file or the display of the Tour Pass on the mobile made entry a breeze. As long as you're up for getting a lot done every day and the attractions that are available are to your liking, this is a superb value. Charleston is relatively compact with many of the attractions nearby one another. Don't know how this would work in other cities. There were a couple of attractions that were farther out which seemed interesting, but we did not go to in the interest of saving time. If you're new to the destination and you can find several attractions of interest, this is a good buy.

Savannah Tour Pass

Easy to use

The Charleston Tour Pass provides an easy way to plan your day and to save on the cost of admission to the major sites in the area.

Tour Pass gets 👍🏻👍🏻

We enjoyed using our Tour Pass. It was easy to use and well worth the cost. I encourage everyone to purchase one. It’s the best way to see Charleston.

Really well organised

Loved the app - Info on attractions was well organised and easy to access on my phone - booking tours was simple and quick to do and we appreciated the separation of booked tours and walk-in events as well as the parking info. We also loved the fact we didn’t have to use the pass on consecutive days so we could have beach days in between - not the case with other tour passes we have used- really impressed with this tour pass - it feels as if someone has thought very carefully about what a new person in Charleston would need to be able to access the town.

Charleston Tour Pass

Charleston Tour Pass

We enjoyed using the Tour Pass. Wherever we used it we were welcomed with smiles. Two day pass worked just fine for us. So many activities to choose in Charleston, but we feel satisfied with how we spent our time. We ran out of time and energy. You cannot factor in for weather-just 1 thunderstorm and heat.

Awesome pass

Excellent way to see Savannah. Very easy to use, detailed description of attractions and I liked how it gave the distance to the attractions. Tour guides were knowledgeable and helpful.

Well worth it!

We took a 3-day Tour Pass to Charleston and really squeezed out a ton of fun out of it. From power boat tours, big boat tours, bus tours, and carriage rides to beer tastings, munchies, and several museums all over the city. Very cool

Excellent Trip

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and the pass was a great help in being able to schedule what to see and when without having to pay each time. Great value for the money.

Savannah Tour Pass

The Tour pass is a great money savings program. The only thing I regret is not purchasing the two or three day pass. We couldn't fit everything we wanted to do into one day.

Best way to see Charleston

The Charleston Tour Pass was a great way to see a wide variety of local attractions at a great price. We loved all 3 of the featured tours, and were able to take advantage of many of the walk-in tours available on our 2-day pass.

Charleston tour pass

We loved our tour passes!! We were able to take advantage of 4 main attractions and several of the 40 offered walkins. We would definitely buy again


Highly recommended!! Great value! We got to do so much on vacation because of this pass!!

Great convenience

We thought the selection of tours and the convenience was outstanding. Pleasantly surprised at the tea plantation. It was a really nice tour and quite interesting. Was real easy to combine the tea plantation with Firefly visit and see the Angel tree on one afternoon. Highly recommend this service.

Charleston Tour Pass

A little bit of planning and the Tour Pass was a great value!

Many of the items included with the Tour Pass were places we intended on visiting. And with careful planning we were able to do so with ease and cost effectively. The mobile app was convenient and helped with the planning.


Tour Pass was such a smart move with our trip to Charleston, SC. It allowed us into many museums, exhibit's, etc. My only suggestion is this; get more than a 1 day pass or make sure you start your day really early to get it all in. I was trying to be extremely frugal so I purchased a 1 day pass for 4. The only thing is, I didn't realize most of the museums, etc. close by 5:00. We are sleepers in the morning so we didn't get moving til about 11:00am. We had to race around trying to get our money's worth. There are only a few things that I could find to do in the evening, like an evening carriage tour and a late night ghost tour, which we LOVED! It also could have been just because of the day that we chose and or time of year. It's really a great deal since many things cost approx. 25.00 per person. I highly recommend it!