Pass Expired

Claim all of your days or Pass expired? You can still use the Mobile Pass

We want to ensure that you get the most our of your Charleston Tour Pass. For multi-day passes (2, 3, 4 or 5-Day), you can still use many features of the mobile pass after your days have been claimed or the pass is expired up to 10-days after when you activated your Tour Pass.

  • Useful features that are available:
    • Interactive map
    • Free or landmark locations
    • Discounts
    • Browse featured and walk-in attractions. Doesn’t include admission on unclaimed days or if pass is expired.
  • You Cannot
    • Access any of the featured or walk-in attractions on unclaimed days or if pass is expired unless you pay out of pocket for admission.
    • If you attempt to do so the Vendor will turn you away.

We hope that you had a great time using your Charleston Tour Pass!

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