Visiting Charleston 4th of July

Visiting Charleston 4th of July


If you’re planning on visiting Charleston, South Carolina for the 4th of July there’s always great events going on. Below we’ll go over what we think are the top things to do while you’re visiting. Of course you can always get a TourPass which is super convenient since you can make reservation in advance, skip the lines, we only allow the top experiences to participate and you can save 40% or more off of retail ticket prices. All of the top tours and attractions listed below can be visiting with a TourPass.

Get Out on the Waterfireworks in charleston sc

Since it’s very warm and normally humid in July, we recommend exploring a few tours that go out on the water where it’s cooler.

Go to the Beach

Charleston has 3 main or public beaches in the area that are convenient from downtown. They are all great beaches and you can’t go wrong visiting any of them. To get parking, we recommend heading out by 10 am.

  • Folly Beach: Located 20 minutes from downtown. Has a great pier, restaurants and a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Sullivans Island: Located 15 minutes from downtown Charleston. More of a locals beach with very limited parking.
  • Isle of Palms: Located 20 minutes from downtown Charleston. Has some restaurants and limited shopping.

Morning or Late Evening Walking Tours

We recommend some early morning or evening walking tours such as:

Historic Home & Plantation Tours

There are some amazing Plantation and historic home museums in the Charleston area such as:

Air-Conditioned Mini-Bus Tours

This is a great way to get an overview of the historic sites of Charleston without having to sweat it out in the July heat. Here are our recommendations:

Morning Carriage Ride

We would definitely do this in the morning or later in the evening if possible:

Fireworks Shows

When the sun sets and it’s time for some fireworks there are typically shows all over the area. Since it’s 2021 there are some shows still happening, however some are not. Below is a list of area cities and locales where the fireworks will be popping off!


Tour Pass Attraction Grid
tour pass charleston tour grid

Charleston Saving Examples

Save $111.40 per person which is 44% off of retail rates with a 3-day pass!

(Examples below are suggestions. You can choose whatever you’d like to do from the available tours/attractions.)

1-Day Pass Savings Example

Retail Price

1-Day Pass Includes: 2 featured tours + visit unlimited walk-in attractions for 1-day
Boone Hall Plantation (featured tour #1)$27
Carriage Tour (featured tour #2)$35
Nathaniel Russell House (walk-in)$12
Aiken Rhett House Museum (walk-in)$12
Charleston Fun Park (walk-in)$20
1-Day Without Pass$106
Cost of 1-Day Tour Pass($72)
Save 5%: Enter Email$3.60
Save per Person: 35% Off Retail=$37.60

1-Day Tour Pass Cost: $72


2-Day Pass Savings Example

Retail Price

2-Day Pass Includes: 3 featured tours + visit unlimited walk-in attractions for 2-days
Harbor Tour (featured tour #3)$30
Charleston Museum (walk-in)$12
McLeod Plantation (walk-in)$15
Charleston Tea Plantation (walk-in)$12
Deep Water Vineyards 9 wine tasting (walk-in)$7
2-Days Without Pass$182
Cost of 2-Day Tour Pass($117)
Save 5%. Enter Email$5.85
Save per Person: 39% Off Retail=$70.85

2-Day Tour Pass Cost: $117


3-Day Pass Savings Example

Retail Price

3-Day Pass Includes: 4 featured tours + visit unlimited walk-in attractions for 3-days
Ghost or History Walking Tour (featured tour #4)$30
Slave Mart Museum (walk-in)$8
Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon (walk-in)$10
Gibbes Museum of Art (walk-in)$12
Palmetto Brewing free flight (walk-in)$10
3-Days Without Pass$252
Cost of 3-Day Tour Pass ($148)
Save 5%. Enter Email$7.40
Save per Person: 44% Off Retail=$106.40

3-Day Tour Pass Cost: $148


There’s no denying the saving and convenience that Tour Pass offers! Plus you can book your tours in advance with our amazing Mobile Pass that includes maps and detailed attraction information. The more you do the more you save. Imagine how much more you could save with a 4 or 5-day pass!

risk free guarantee

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